BLR Habba Calendar

A ICS calendar that you can subscribe for the unboxing BLR Habba 2023.

Unboxing BLR Habba (Festival) is a celebration of the city’s rich and vibrant cultural heritage and dynamism. From art to literature, dance to design, food to films, music to theatre, handicrafts to walking tours - the city festival brings everyone together and channels its creative energies with the vision to make Bengaluru come alive in its public and community spaces.

How to subscribe

Click the following links depending on which calendar app you use.

On iOS/MacOS you can directly sync the calendar against your device, without using iCloud as well. If you don’t use one of these apps, you can use the Calendar URL directly and “subscribe” to it in your app.

Do not download the ICS file and import it, as that will not keep the calendar updated.

Note: A few ticketed events do not yet have their tickets on sale, you will get updates as long as you’re subscribed to the calendar, so keep checking in your calendar app.

Google Calendar

Outlook 365

Outlook Live



Calendar URL


You can subscribe to the Bangalore International Center Calendar as well, via the following links:


Licensed under the MIT License. See LICENSE file for details. Source code published on GitHub.