TLD Squatting

There’s more than 1000 gTLDs delegated by ICANN. Unfortunately, a lot of owners of various TLDs have decided to squat on them, and despite owning them for many years - these are not yet available for registration.

Several of the brand gTLDs have been squatted by various corporations as well. The case of, Inc. owning .amazon when several governments applied for it is well known. But there are several smaller examples: .apple is owned by a technology company and apple farmers can’t use it (unlike .kiwi which can be used by Kiwi farmers.). Similarly .mango and .orange are also unavailable for registration, as are .mint, .java, .ice, .food, .eat.

Amazon and Google own a bunch of such TLDs (40% of the below list) which are blocked from registrations by the general public - .book, .ads, .buy, .cal, .call, .circle, .docs, .drive, .eat, .fast, .fire, .free, .here, and so on.

It is such a pity that corporations have decided to squat on these TLDs for several years , and not allow them for registrations.

TLD Owner Type Domain Count
aaa American Automobile Association, Inc. brand 1-10
abc Disney Enterprises, Inc. brand 10-100
ads Google unrestricted 1-10
amazon Amazon brand 10-100
analytics Campus IP LLC brand 1-10
apple Apple Inc. brand 10-100
author Amazon unrestricted 1-10
azure Microsoft Corporation brand 10-100
barefoot Gallo Vineyards, Inc. brand 1-10
baseball MLB Advanced Media DH, LLC brand 1-10
bauhaus Werkhaus GmbH brand 10-100
bom Núcleo de Informação e Coordenação do Ponto BR unrestricted 1-10
book Amazon unrestricted 1-10
box Intercap Registry Inc. unrestricted 1000-10000
brother Brother Industries, Ltd. brand 10-100
buy Amazon unrestricted 1-10
cal Google brand 1-10
call Amazon unrestricted 1-10
caravan Caravan International, Inc. brand 1-10
catholic Pontificium Consilium de Comunicationibus Socialibus brand 10-100
chrome Google brand 1-10
circle Amazon brand 1-10
coupon Amazon unrestricted 1-10
data Dish DBS Corporation brand 1-10
deal Amazon unrestricted 1-10
discover Discover Financial Services brand 100-1000
dish Dish DBS Corporation brand 1-10
diy Lifestyle Domain Holdings, Inc. brand 1-10
docs Google unrestricted 1-10
dot Dish DBS Corporation brand 1-10
drive Google brand 1-10
eat Google unrestricted 1-10
farmers Farmers Insurance Exchange brand 1-10
fast Amazon unrestricted 1-10
final Núcleo de Informação e Coordenação do Ponto BR unrestricted 1-10
fire Amazon brand 1-10
food Lifestyle Domain Holdings, Inc. brand 1-10
fox FOX Registry, LLC brand 100-1000
free Amazon unrestricted 1-10
frogans OP3FT unrestricted 1-10
frontier Frontier Communications Corporation brand 1-10
gap The Gap, Inc. brand 1-10
george Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. brand 1-10
goo NTT Resonant Inc. brand 1-10
got Amazon unrestricted 1-10
grocery Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. brand 1-10
guardian The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America brand 1-10
hangout Google brand 1-10
here Google unrestricted 1-10
hot Amazon brand 1-10
ice IntercontinentalExchange, Inc. brand 1-10
java Oracle Corporation brand 1-10
jmp Matrix IP LLC brand 1-10
jot Amazon brand 1-10
joy Amazon unrestricted 1-10
juniper JUNIPER NETWORKS, INC. brand 1-10
kosher Kosher Marketing Assets LLC brand 1-10
lifeinsurance American Council of Life Insurers brand 1-10
lifestyle Lifestyle Domain Holdings, Inc. brand 1-10
like Amazon unrestricted 1-10
lincoln Ford Motor Company brand 1-10
living Lifestyle Domain Holdings, Inc. brand 1-10
llc Donuts unrestricted 10000-100000
llp Intercap Registry Inc. unrestricted 1-10
locker Dish DBS Corporation brand 1-10
man MAN SE brand 100-1000
mango PUNTO FA S.L. brand 10-100
map Google unrestricted 1-10
meet Google unrestricted 10-100
mini Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft brand 100-1000
mint Intuit Administrative Services, Inc. brand 1-10
mobile Dish DBS Corporation brand 1-10
next Next plc brand 10-100
now Amazon unrestricted 1-10
office Microsoft Corporation brand 1-10
open American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc. brand 1-10
orange Orange Brand Services Limited brand 1-10
origins The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. brand 1-10
ott Dish DBS Corporation brand 1-10
pars Asia Green IT System Bilgisayar San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. unrestricted 1-10
pay Amazon unrestricted 1-10
phone Dish DBS Corporation brand 1-10
pid Top Level Spectrum, Inc. unrestricted 1-10
pin Amazon brand 1-10
ping Ping Registry Provider, Inc. brand 1-10
play Google brand 1-10
prime Amazon brand 1-10
read Amazon unrestricted 1-10
rogers Rogers Communications Canada Inc. brand 1-10
room Amazon unrestricted 1-10
safe Amazon unrestricted 1-10
save Amazon unrestricted 1-10
schaeffler Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG brand 10-100
schmidt SCHMIDT GROUPE S.A.S. brand 10-100
scholarships, LLC brand 1-10
schwarz Schwarz Domains und Services GmbH & Co. KG brand 100-1000
search Google brand 1-10
secure Amazon unrestricted 1-10
seven Seven West Media Ltd brand 10-100
sharp Sharp Corporation brand 10-100
shia Asia Green IT System Bilgisayar San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. unrestricted 1-10
silk Amazon unrestricted 1-10
sky Sky International AG brand 100-1000
smart Smart Communications, Inc. brand 10-100
smile Amazon unrestricted 1-10
song Amazon unrestricted 1-10
spot Amazon brand 1-10
star Star India Private Limited brand 1-10
talk Amazon unrestricted 1-10
target Target Domain Holdings, LLC brand 10-100
tci Asia Green IT System Bilgisayar San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. unrestricted 1-10
travelers Travelers TLD, LLC brand 1-10
tunes Amazon unrestricted 1-10
tushu Amazon unrestricted 1-10
viking Viking River Cruises (Bermuda) Ltd. brand 1-10
viva Saudi Telecom Company brand 1-10
weather International Business Machines Corporation brand 1-10
winners The TJX Companies, Inc. brand 1-10
wow Amazon unrestricted 1-10
xn--11b4c3d (कॉम) VeriSign Sarl unrestricted 1-10
xn--30rr7y (慈善) Excellent First Limited unrestricted 1-10
xn--3pxu8k (点看) VeriSign Sarl unrestricted 1-10
xn--42c2d9a (คอม) VeriSign Sarl unrestricted 1-10
xn--9et52u (时尚) RISE Victory Ltd. unrestricted 1-10
xn--c2br7g (नेट) VeriSign Sarl unrestricted 1-10
xn--eckvdtc9d (ポイント) Amazon unrestricted 1-10
xn--efvy88h (新闻) Guangzhou YU Wei Information and Technology Co.,Ltd unrestricted 1-10
xn--fhbei (كوم) VeriSign Sarl unrestricted 1-10
xn--gk3at1e (通販) Amazon unrestricted 1-10
xn--j1aef (ком) VeriSign Sarl unrestricted 1-10
xn--mgbt3dhd (همراه) Asia Green IT System Bilgisayar San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. unrestricted 1-10
xn--nqv7fs00ema (组织机构) Public Interest Registry (PIR) unrestricted 1-10
xn--pssy2u (大拿) VeriSign Sarl unrestricted 1-10
yamaxun Amazon unrestricted 1-10
you Amazon unrestricted 1-10
zero Amazon brand 1-10


Source of the dataset is nTLDStats, with the following TLDs shown:

  1. Curated list of BRAND TLDs (_data/fakebrands.yml). Contributions and corrections are welcome.
  2. Unrestricted or Semi-restricted TLDs which are not in “GA”.

Domain Counts for nTLDStats are known to be inaccurate, hence approximate ranges are shown instead.


Here’s a list of some cool domains that you can’t buy today (with what I’d do with some of them)

  1. - A single events calendar for happenings in Bangalore
  2. - A petition to enforce DNT via regulation.
  3. - redirects to uBO.
  4. - Publish SBOMs.
  5. - DNT submission
  7. - LFS + NAND2TETRIS speedrun.
  8. - redirect to London metro.
  9. -
  10. - fix my older what-to-read project, but use OpenLibrary and Bookwyrm instead.
  11. - ISBN OpenLibrary search.
  12. - Shazam alternative.
  13. -
  14. - RIP Doge
  15. - no explanation needed
  16. - please open registrations on .zero, .you, .wow, .tushu, .tunes, .talk, .star, .smile, .spot, .silk, .secure, .save, .safe, .room, .read, .prime, .pin, .pay, .now, .like, .joy, .jot, .hot, .got, .free, .fire, .fast, .deal, .coupon, .circle, .call, .buy, .book, .author, .amazon.
  17. - please open registrations on .ads, .cal, .chrome, .docs, .drive, .eat, .hangout, .here, .map, .meet, .play, .search.