A Walk in the Shelf

A Walk in a shelf is a newsletter about books you wouldn’t hear of otherwise. My favorite thing in the world is to walk through a bookstore or library reading through titles, skimming through the introduction, reading the blurb, and smiling at the goofy author photos. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to do that for the last year - and I’m making an alternative for all of us.

Every edition brings you a list of books that you wouldn’t hear of otherwise , with a short summary or excerpt from books around the world. The books will be a mix of genres, authors, and writing styles. There will be good books, there will be bad books, and if you hang around long enough - there might be your next favorite book. Every book will include a buying link (or a online reading link, if feasible), if you’d want to read further.

I haven’t read any of these books. There is curation, but just a pinch of it. I’m finding these books from nooks and crannies of the internet - none of these are bestsellers or recommendations you will get elsewhere.

Sounds interesting?

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