Topics Covered in the talk

Software Development Methodologies

It is easy to say you want to develop Agile, but what does it mean? What is the best way to make software?

Software Security

How to make secure software? Why is it important? How to use crypto?

Free & Open Source Development

Where should you start? How can you contribute?

Version Control

What is it? Which should you use? Why should you use one?

Test Driven Development

Unit testing. How and why to write tests? Regression testing. Integration testing. TDD. Test First.

Rest and APIs

NIH Syndrome. Why should you use APIs? What is REST?

Unix Philosophy

Knuth vs McIlroy. One thing well. Small composable programs. Text streams.

Importance of Shipping

Think Build Ship. Launch early, launch often.

Agnostic Development

Generalist vs Specialist developer. Importance of expertise. Breath first learning.