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Blog post on recent talk

So I recently did a talk on Joy of Software Development. You can read more about the talk here (link includes slides and list of topics covered). This post is devoted to the references I’d promised to link to in the talk. Since it was an introductory talk, and I didn’t want to bore people to death, I decided to cover lots of topics at a shallow depth, instead of covering a few topics deeply.

This means that I need to post more material for people to follow up on. So, this is that reference blog post. Make sure you have a copy of the slides open as you go through these links.

Update: I also gave this talk (with a few updates) at GeekSkool in October 2015.

Software Development in general

Software Security

Starting Advice

Agnostic Software Development

Free and open source development

Version Control


During the talk, I decidedly used the term TDD incorrectly. TDD technically means going test first, but I used it as an introduction to testing in general. This was intentional. The links here will use TDD in the correct sense.


Unix Philosophy


These are books i absolutely recommend every software developer to read, in order.

  1. Don’t Make Me Think
  2. The Pragmatic Programmer

Other than these, I recommend reading Code Complete, Mythical Man Month, and everything by Jeff Atwood and Zach Homan, but only after you have read the above 2 books.

How to get better at Software Development?

This is just a small list of topics I cover in a recent blog post. This is only present in the updated version of the talk which I gave at GeekSkool. You can read the blog post here to look at the points I make.

Phew. That was a lot of links. If you are ever interested in learning more about software development, feel free to contact me. If you ever feel like chatting with me, I’m usually online at chat.sdslabs.co.

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