Abhay Rana aka Nemo

The Setup

Who am I, and what do I do?

I’m Abhay Rana, more popularly known as Nemo. I am a hacker, web developer, writer, and a UX enthusiast.

I do tech and security related things at Razorpay.

I build endoflife.date, HackerCouch, and several other projects around open-data and security.

What hardware do I use?

My slightly older home setup

Most of my work is done on my ASUS AMD Mini PC. I use a Macbook M2 Air with Asahi Linux while travelling.

My primary phone is a iPhone 13 Mini1. For experimentation, I have a Moto G4 running Lineage, and a OnePlus 6 running PostmarketOS. I own a Kindle Paperwhite and a Remarkable 2 for reading and taking notes. As you’ll notice, I have too many devices running mainline linux.

My primary keyboard is a [Akko 507S][akko] mechanical keyboard (Durock Koala switches, [GMK NAutilus keycaps][gmk-nautilus]) with a Leopold FC660C as backup. I have a dual-monitor setup at home. I mostly game on the Steam Deck, which also doubles up as my HTPC now with the dock.

At home, I run a PC/HomeServer, with lots of tiny services, which are proxied over to the internet with a Digital Ocean droplet in the BLR1 region. I wrote about it in detail.

In my shelf of underused hardware is a OnePlus6 running PostmarketOS, a Flipper Zero, a Steam Deck, and several Raspberry Pis.

I’m also a speedcuber; my primary cube is a stickerless Gans 356 R (Magnetic). I also own several other twisty puzzles, including a Axis Cube and a Megaminx.


I self-host a lot of things, and my homeserver runs ArchLinux with lots of disks on RAID1. Total usable space is currently around 12TB, and I use it for all sort of things. The server runs steamos-compositor-plus and Kodi as the session managers. With SteamPlay/Proton, almost everything in my library is playable on Linux, and it makes for a great console. Hardware details are at /setup/homeserver/.

And what software?

(audio warning - click to play)

My distro for the last 6 years is Arch Linux with i3 as the window manager. My most used tools include: Neovim, Sublime Text 3, Firefox, and Git. I game using Steam, and purchase DRM free games via Humble Bundle whenever possible. The above animated wallpaper runs via spectrumyzer.

Most of my work is done in editors, command line, and the browser. A few essential extensions on my browser include: Refined GitHub, Better Twitter, uBlock Origin. I manage my passwords using pass.

I am a Hacker News addict, and have even written an application for it. Most used webapps would be: Slack, GitHub. I use Navidrome/play:sub for listening to music on the go, and Clementine on the desktop. My security setup (passwords/2FA etc) is documented here.

I run lots of tiny services on my homeserver, including Gitea, OpenVPN, Emby, and Grafana, and my own Mastodon Server. I use KOReader on both my (jailbroken) Kindle and the Remarkable to read fiction. I also run Home Assistant for some basic privacy-friendly home automation. For audiobooks, I use Audible and then strip the DRM using a script.

What would be my dream setup?

A lightweight laptop with tons of battery life, 13” display, official Linux support, and lots of ports.

If we’re talking super-crazy, I’d love to have a thought-dictation feature. That would help a lot with my writing.

  1. I don’t like being in the Apple Walled garden, but Apple is the only manufacturer making small phones that are supported beyond 5 years.