Abhay Rana aka Nemo

Stripping Audible DRM

Self-Guide for stripping the Audible DRM, in similar vain as my Kindle Self-Guide.

  1. Download the aax file from Audible website.
  2. Run the inAudible-NG Rainbrow crack table against the AAX file.

Easiest way is via docker:

cd ~/Music/Audiobooks
docker run -v $(pwd):/data ryanfb/inaudible

The cool part about this is that the entire activation is done offline, and runs a Rainbow Table attack against the Audible DRM.

The docker image checksum is sha256:2f8dd34cdc3c97e85b0acfe98cb777df2db6046d0c796ae6ec982af95c51aae1 as of my last use.


Published on April 14, 2019 in DRM,audible