Contact Nemo

You can contact me via any of the following means, in order of preference:

Show Signal QR Code

signal username: nemo.02

Please do not write to my GMail address, I don’t check it very often. I have Telegram and Discord accounts as well, but don’t check them often.

My PGP key is published at /, and via WKD.

The key fingerprint is 468F 9102 AB8B F8C9 59C2 F9A4 F94E A74A 4EA9 EB52.

† - Requires the beta version of Signal for now.


I’ve been using the same mobile number since 2012, so if you have a number against my contact, it is very likely the same still.

If you’re reaching out using iMessage, my Public verification Code is APKTIDs7GEhzg2g1SVKt3TTLnIQp750m11hm9l_ooUnbd2PfF4MQ.

A signed copy of this page is published at contact.txt