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    • Ideas for everyone under a CC licence. Feel free to use.
    • A system-tray Hacker News app for Linux
    • CouchSurfing for Hackers
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    • Multiple Scrapers for online content that generates EPUB/MOBI files

Projects by Date

Almost all the projects below are under a FOSS license (mostly MIT). This page does not include contributions to other projects. Most projects are still maintained, unless stated otherwise. Some of the projects are mirrored on my personal Gitea server at https://git.captnemo.in/.

Stackshare Dataset
Jan 2024: A well-tagged dataset for various tools and services, sourced from StackShare.io.
Jan 2024: Library to decode a QR code on a modern India EPIC/Voter ID card.
Dec 2023: An emoji character for (almost) every day, such as 🎄 for Christmas, or 🧑🏾‍🚀 for International Day of Human Space Flight.
Dec 2023: A website to guide Bangalore residents to register to vote. Made with Shreyas.
Bangalore Habba Calendar
Nov 2023 A ICS calendar that you can subscribe for the unboxing BLR Habba 2023.
Uttarakhand State Gazette Archive
Nov 2023 Created an archive of Uttarakhand’s State Gazette, going back to 2006. Updated on a monthly basis.
Policy Submission - Dark Patterns
Oct 2023 Submitted recommendations and suggestions on the Draft Guidelines for Prevention and Regulation of Dark Patterns (Ministry of Consumer Affairs, India). Documented a lot of egregious behavior from Indian startups and suggested improvements in the guidelines to account for those. In collaboration with Chandra and Joy.
Beatroot News: Text-Only
June 2023 A plaintext-only version of Beatroot News.
Forteller yt-dlp plugin
May 2023 A yt-dlp plugin to rip DRM-free tracks from Forteller.
Mutual Funds TER Tracker
May 2023 Automatically tracking Total Expense Ratios of Indian Mutual Funds.
Jekyll SQLite Plugin #ruby
May 2023 A Jekyll plugin that lets you use SQLite database instead of data files as a data source.
Debian Version #ruby
May 2023 A port of Debian Version comparison to Ruby.
May 2023 A simple link website for the Bangalore PuzzledPint chapter (which I host!).
Swiggy OpenAPI Specification #openapi #reverse-engineering
Mar 2023 An unofficial specification for the Swiggy APIs, written using OpenAPI 3.1.
Historical Mutual Funds Dataset #data
Mar 2023 An automatically-updating SQLite database with pricing information of all Indian Mutual Funds, going back to 2006.
Microsoft Knowledgebase Metadata #data
Jan 2023 A small automatically-updated subset of the Microsoft Knowledgebase metadata, useful for mapping KB IDs to Publication Dates or URLs.
Photon OS Advisories #data #security
Jan 2023- Automatically publishing an OSV Feed from advisories published for VMWare’s Photon OS.
Debian ELTS Advisories #data #security
Jan 2023- Automatically publishing an OSV Feed from advisories published for Debian ELTS by Freexian.
tatooine.club #self-hosting
Dec 2022 Running a Mastodon server for friends and family.
Indian Synonyms
Dec 2022 A list of Indian Synonyms for use in search engines. Initially targeted towards address matching.
India Mutual Funds API #automation #data #api
Jun 2022 A public API for Indian Mutual Funds using data from public sources.
NPCI RSS Feeds #rss
April 2022 A simple RSS feed generator for various NPCI Circulars.
plugo.io dataset #data
Mar 2022 A simple website to republish and surface plugo.io powerbank locations on the internet.
iff-fundraiser #non-profit
Dec 2021 Organized a fundraiser for the Internet Freedom Foundation and raised approximately 5 Lakh rupees (6700 USD).
airtel-blocked-hosts #data
Nov 2021 A periodically updated list of websites known to be blocked in India on the Airtel Broadband network.
which-electron #nodejs
July 2021 Find out which Electron version is bundled inside an application.
electron-fingerprints #nodejs #php
July 2021 Fingerprints of electron releases that can be used to guess electron version of applications without running them.
simpl-docs #openapi #reverse-engineering
June 2021 An unofficial specification for the simpl API.
india-isin-data #data #automation
June 2021 International Securities Identification Numbers for various Indian Securities
plaintext-everything #resources
Ongoing A list of tools and articles helpful for keeping everything under plaintext.
youtube-cue #nodejs
May 2021- Helps you tag music compilations from YouTube by generating a CUE file.
pystitcher #python #ebooks
May 2021- Sitches your PDF files together, with customizable bookmarks using a markdown file to declare the PDF structure.
kuvera-docs #openapi #reverse-engineering
May 2021 An unofficial specification for the Kuvera API.
forteller-dl #reverse-engineering
Apr 2021 A reverse-engineered implementation of the Forteller Games mobile app. See Forteller-YT-DLP above.
electoral.bond #activism
Apr 2021 An April fool’s joke on India’s opaque Electoral Bond instruments and how they can be used for money laundering
HgInit #archival
Nov 2020 Re-published HgInit, a Mercurial Tutorial by Joel Spolsky at a stable URL using GitHub Pages.
never-say-you-cant-survive #ebooks
Oct 2020 Script to generate an ebook for “Never Say You Can’t Survive” - book by Charlie Jane Anders.
sanskari-proxy #activism #infrastructure
Sep 2020- A proxy for security researchers outside India to access Indian government websites without resorting to shady VPNs.
boardgame-research #resources #boardgames
July 2020- A list of research content on modern boardgames - such as Catan, Risk, Uno, Mafia, Hanabi, and more.
modernart #boardgames
June 2020 A MiniZinc based attempt to solve the Modern Art: Masters Gallery game.
suntime #crystal
May 2020 Crystal library for calculating sunrise and sunset times for Earth.
ickabog-ebook #ebooks
May 2019 Generates ebooks for The Ickabog by J.K Rowling. Uses original text from https://www.theickabog.com/, falling back to the Web Archive where needed. Supports all 9 languages.
okiya #boardgames
April 2020 A boardgame.io implementation of the Okiya boardgame.
muse-dl #ebooks
March 2020 A crystal command line application to support downloading and stitching of books from Project MUSE
epub-metadata-generator #ebooks #nodejs
Feb 2020 Generates a metadata.xml file for an EPUB from various online sources, can be used with pandoc.
security-engineering-ebook #ebooks
Feb 2020 A script to generate a combined PDF of the Security Engineering Book (Ross Anderson) using the chapters available for review.
pincode-validator #python #nodejs #javascript #php
Feb 2020 A regex based validator for Postal Index Numbers in India in various languages.
url-to-epub #nodejs
Jan 2020 A simple zero-config script that generates a standards-compliant EPUB from a webpage.
sarkar.icu #activism
Dec 2019 Communications guide for network shutdowns. @prtksxna did most of the work.
terraform-data-looker-ips #terraform #infrastructure
Oct 2019- A terraform package that keeps track of various IP addresses used by Looker. Can be used to easily create firewall configurations.
outliner #ruby
August 2019 A simple Ruby Client for the Outline knowledge base with easy-to-use export and import functionality.
tld-a-record #dataset
Ongoing I maintain a continously updated list of all TLDs with A records. Available at https://captnemo.in/tld-a-record/
endoflife.date #dataset #website #openapi
Ongoing A simple informative site with EoL dates of everything you need.
DNS-over-HTTPS #infrastructure
2019 Running a DNS over HTTPS server.
prometheus-act-exporter #nodejs #infrastructure
July 2018 A simple prometheus exporter for ACT Fibernet customers that generatetes Internet Usage metrics by scraping the ACT Self-care portal. Uses Google Puppeteer. Also available as a NPM package.
Kayak #infrastructure #kubernetes
2018 Bootstrapping a kubernetes cluster on top of the Docker API by using Terraform and Bootkube
DNSCrypt #infrastructure #privacy
2017 Running a DNSCrypt server on a Digital Ocean BLR1 server.
SpeakForMe #activism
Dec 2017 A website to contact your MP about the Aadhaar Bill. See news coverage.
Sushi Go #boardgames
Summer 2017 This is a work-in-progress conversion of Sushi Go (original), the popular card game by Gamewright into Ruby.
cosmere-books #ebooks #ruby
September 2017 Wrote a EPUB generator for multiple books in the Cosmere. Currently covers 10 different books or serializations of some sort, mostly at Tor.com. See a list of all my ebooks projects at /ebooks/
ideas #resources
Ongoing I maintain a CC0 licensed list of personal ideas. Feel free to use.
spectrumyzer #python #maths
May 2017 Created an animated wallpaper using spectrumyzer. Wrote a blog post about it.
google-sre-ebook #ebooks #ruby
Feb/Sep 2017 EPUB generator for the Google SRE ebook. Started in February in Python. Gave up and redid it properly in September. Now also supports the SRE Workbook.
CodeChef Offline #dataset
March 2012 I attempted to make a offline repository for CodeChef problems. I spent some time in May 2017 upgrading the project with a cleaner scraper and a Jekyll base.
hoshruba #ebooks #ruby
June 2015 I wrote a script that scraped Tor’s serialized publication of the first book in Hoshruba series to generate EPUB and MOBI files.
HackerTray #gui #python
December 2013 - I wrote a Linux PyGTK application that sits in your taskbar using Indicator Applet to show you the latest stories from Hacker News. Looking for a maintainer.
MagicMuggle #ebooks
May 2017 I wrote a script to convert Magic Muggle (A Harry Potter fanfic about a muggle who accidentally gets into Hogwarts) books from their original reddit posts to EPUB and MOBI files.
Kerala IT Policy #activism
March 2017 Attempted to transcribe the draft IT policies put up by the Government of Kerala. Lots of OCR followed by manual fixes. I stopped working on this when I realized that the government had actually put up a really nice website for this (with clear plaintext, not the bad PDF I was using as the source).
lightsaber #ruby
August 2015 I created a DNS based HTTP-3xx redirect service. Useful if you own a domain and you want it to be redirected, but don’t have a webserver with you. Made as part of the Django Hackathon organized by HackerEarth in Ruby.
HackerCouch #jekyll
November 2015 My hack during hackbeach 2015. Created something best described as “couchsurfing for hackers”. Simple Jekyll/Ruby website hosted on GitHub Pages.
Constitution of India
April 2015 A git-based constitution of India, that lets you view each amendment as a plain-text diff. Updated till 100th Amendment as of Jan 2020.
2014- A webhook middleware for the ifttt.com service. Still used by some people.
WoNA Archives
2011- A download page for all issues of Watch Out News Agency. (source) (A college magazine at my Alma-mater).


I maintain a few packages on the Arch User Repository.

Package Upstream
signal-desktop-beta-bin WhisperSystems/Signal-Desktop
koreader-appimage koreader.rocks
notable-insiders-electron notable.app insider builds
karn prydonius/karn
shubhcron razorpay.com/shubhcron
elibsrv elibsrv.sourceforge.net
python-present vinayak-mehta/present

Older Projects

You might wanna take a look at my github, NPM, PyPI, Packagist, Rubygems, or AUR profile pages. Most of the following projects are no longer under active development. Ther’s also a lot of work missing here that I did while at SDSLabs. Some of my projects are mirrored on my Gitea server.

Very Old Projects