Abhay Rana aka Nemo

Active Projects

    • A system-tray Hacker News app for Linux
    • A book on Software Development
    • CouchSurfing for Hackers
    • Scraped result listing of IITJEE 2010-2014
  • MUZI
    • Browser-based music player by SDSLabs
  • PLAY
    • Music Server to allow a team to play and queue songs
    • Multiple Scrapers for online content that generates EPUB/MOBI files
    • Slack webhook app to create anonymous public channels
    • A website/email setup I maintain for my young niece
    • A tiny kubernetes distribution that uses the Docker API to bootstrap a control plane
    • Ideas for everyone under a CC licence. Feel free to use.
    • Terraform + Docker scripts that power my homeserver.

Projects by Date

August 2019 A simple Ruby Client for the Outline knowledge base with easy-to-use export and import functionality.
Ongoing A simple informative site with EoL dates of everything you need.
2019 Running a DNS over HTTPS server.
July 2018 A simple prometheus exporter for ACT Fibernet customers that generatetes Internet Usage metrics by scraping the ACT Self-care portal. Uses Google Puppeteer. Also available as a NPM package.
2018 Bootstrapping a kubernetes cluster on top of the Docker API by using Terraform and Bootkube
2017 Running a DNSCrypt server on a Digital Ocean BLR1 server.
Sushi Go
Summer 2017 This is a work-in-progress conversion of Sushi Go (original), the popular card game by Gamewright into Ruby.
June 2017 Downloads music-compilations from YouTube and rips them into multiple tagged MP3 files.
September 2017 Wrote a EPUB generator for multiple books in the Cosmere. Currently covers 4 different serializations at Tor.com. Also created a project page on all of my ebooks projects at /ebooks/
Ongoing I maintain a CC0 licensed list of personal ideas. Feel free to use.
May 2017 Created an animated wallpaper using spectrumyzer. Wrote a blog post about it.
Feb/Sep 2017 EPUB generator for the Google SRE ebook. Started in February in Python. Gave up and redid it properly in September.
CodeChef Offline
March 2012 I attempted to make a offline repository for CodeChef problems. I spent some time in May 2017 upgrading the project with a cleaner scraper and a Jekyll base.
June 2015 I wrote a script that scraped Tor’s serialized publication of the first book in Hoshruba series to generate EPUB and MOBI files. I would recommend the book if you are interested in reading what many would term the “original fantasy book”
December 2013 - I wrote a Linux PyGTK application that sits in your taskbar using Indicator Applet to show you the latest stories from Hacker News. Looking for a maintainer.
May 2017 I wrote a script to convert Magic Muggle (A Harry Potter fanfic about a muggle who accidentally gets into Hogwarts) books from their original reddit posts to EPUB and MOBI files.
Kerala IT Policy
March 2017 Attempted to transcribe the draft IT policies put up by the Government of Kerala. Lots of OCR followed by manual fixes. I stopped working on this when I realized that the government had actually put up a really nice website for this (with clear plaintext, not the bad PDF I was using as the source).
August 2015 I created a DNS based HTTP-3xx redirect service. Useful if you own a domain and you want it to be redirected, but don’t have a webserver with you. Made as part of the Django Hackathon organized by HackerEarth in Ruby.
November 2015 My hack during hackbeach 2015. Created something best described as “couchsurfing for hackers”. Simple Jekyll/Ruby website hosted on GitHub Pages.
2014- A webhook middleware for the ifttt.com service. Still used by some people.

Older Projects

You might wanna take a look at my github account for more of my work. Most of the following projects are no longer under active development

Very Old Projects