Abhay Rana aka Nemo

Popular Projects

    • A website to track EoL of projects
    • Ideas for everyone under a CC licence. Feel free to use.
    • A system-tray Hacker News app for Linux
    • CouchSurfing for Hackers
  • RSS
    • A list of various RSS-related projects
    • Multiple Scrapers for online content that generates EPUB/MOBI files

Projects by Date

All the projects below are under a FOSS license (mostly MIT). This page does not include contributions to other projects. Most projects are still maintained, unless stated otherwise.

which-electron #nodejs
July 2021 Find out which Electron version is bundled inside an application.
electron-fingerprints #nodejs #php
July 2021 Fingerprints of electron releases that can be used to guess electron version of applications.
simpl-docs #openapi #reverse-engineering
June 2021 An unofficial specification for the simpl API.
isin-data #data
June 2021 International Securities Identification Numbers for various Indian Securities
plaintext-everything #resources
Ongoing A list of tools and articles helpful for keeping everything under plaintext.
youtube-cue #nodejs
May 2021- Helps you tag music compilations from youtube by generating a Cue sheet.
pystitcher #python #ebooks
May 2021- Sitches your PDF files together, with customizable bookmarks using a markdown file to declare the PDF structure.
kuvera-docs #openapi #reverse-engineering
May 2021 An unofficial specification for the Kuvera API.
foreteller-dl #reverse-engineering
Apr 2021 A reverse-engineered implementation of the Foreteller Games mobile app.
Electoral Bond Marketplace #activism
Apr 2021 An April fool’s joke on India’s opaque Electoral Bond instruments and how they can be used for money laundering
EBook: Never say you can’t survive #ebooks
Oct 2020 Script to generate an ebook for “Never Say You Can’t Survive” - book by Charlie Jane Anders.
sanskari-proxy #activism #infrastructure
Sep 2020- A proxy for security researchers outside India to access Indian government websites without resorting to shady VPNs.
boardgame-research #resources #boardgames
July 2020- A list of research content on modern boardgames - such as Catan, Risk, Uno, Mafia, Hanabi, and more.
modernart #boardgames
June 2020 A MiniZinc based attempt to solve the Modern Art: Masters Gallery game.
suntime #crystal
May 2020 Crystal library for calculating sunrise and sunset times for Earth.
ickabog-ebook #ebooks
May 2019 Generates ebooks for The Ickabog by J.K Rowling. Uses original text from https://www.theickabog.com/, falling back to the Web Archive where needed. Supports all 9 languages.
okiya #boardgames
April 2020 A boardgame.io implementation of the Okiya boardgame.
muse-dl #ebooks
March 2020 A crystal command line application to support downloading and stitching of books from Project MUSE
epub-metadata-generator #ebooks #nodejs
Feb 2020 Generates a metadata.xml file for an EPUB from various online sources, can be used with pandoc.
security-engineering-ebook #ebooks
Feb 2020 A script to generate a combined PDF of the Security Engineering Book (Ross Anderson) using the chapters available for review.
pincode-validator #python #nodejs #javascript #php
Feb 2020 A regex based validator for Postal Index Numbers in India in various languages.
url-to-epub #nodejs
Jan 2020 A simple zero-config script that generates a standards-compliant EPUB from a webpage.
sarkar.icu #activism
Dec 2019 Communications guide for network shutdowns. @prtksxna did most of the work.
terraform-data-looker-ips #terraform #infrastructure
Oct 2019- A terraform package that keeps track of various IP addresses used by Looker. Can be used to easily create firewall configurations.
outliner #ruby
August 2019 A simple Ruby Client for the Outline knowledge base with easy-to-use export and import functionality.
tld-a-record #dataset
Ongoing I maintain a continously updated list of all TLDs with A records. Available at https://captnemo.in/tld-a-record/
endoflife.date #dataset #website #openapi
Ongoing A simple informative site with EoL dates of everything you need.
DNS-over-HTTPS #infrastructure
2019 Running a DNS over HTTPS server.
prometheus-act-exporter #nodejs #infrastructure
July 2018 A simple prometheus exporter for ACT Fibernet customers that generatetes Internet Usage metrics by scraping the ACT Self-care portal. Uses Google Puppeteer. Also available as a NPM package.
Kayak #infrastructure #kubernetes
2018 Bootstrapping a kubernetes cluster on top of the Docker API by using Terraform and Bootkube
DNSCrypt #infrastructure #privacy
2017 Running a DNSCrypt server on a Digital Ocean BLR1 server.
Sushi Go #boardgames
Summer 2017 This is a work-in-progress conversion of Sushi Go (original), the popular card game by Gamewright into Ruby.
cosmere-books #ebooks #ruby
September 2017 Wrote a EPUB generator for multiple books in the Cosmere. Currently covers 10 different books or serializations of some sort, mostly at Tor.com. See a list of all my ebooks projects at /ebooks/
ideas #resources
Ongoing I maintain a CC0 licensed list of personal ideas. Feel free to use.
spectrumyzer #python #maths
May 2017 Created an animated wallpaper using spectrumyzer. Wrote a blog post about it.
google-sre-ebook #ebooks #ruby
Feb/Sep 2017 EPUB generator for the Google SRE ebook. Started in February in Python. Gave up and redid it properly in September. Now also supports the SRE Workbook.
CodeChef Offline #dataset
March 2012 I attempted to make a offline repository for CodeChef problems. I spent some time in May 2017 upgrading the project with a cleaner scraper and a Jekyll base.
Hoshruba #ebooks #ruby
June 2015 I wrote a script that scraped Tor’s serialized publication of the first book in Hoshruba series to generate EPUB and MOBI files. I would recommend the book if you are interested in reading what many would term the “original fantasy book”
HackerTray #gui #python
December 2013 - I wrote a Linux PyGTK application that sits in your taskbar using Indicator Applet to show you the latest stories from Hacker News. Looking for a maintainer.
MagicMuggle #ebooks
May 2017 I wrote a script to convert Magic Muggle (A Harry Potter fanfic about a muggle who accidentally gets into Hogwarts) books from their original reddit posts to EPUB and MOBI files.
Kerala IT Policy #activism
March 2017 Attempted to transcribe the draft IT policies put up by the Government of Kerala. Lots of OCR followed by manual fixes. I stopped working on this when I realized that the government had actually put up a really nice website for this (with clear plaintext, not the bad PDF I was using as the source).
lightsaber #ruby
August 2015 I created a DNS based HTTP-3xx redirect service. Useful if you own a domain and you want it to be redirected, but don’t have a webserver with you. Made as part of the Django Hackathon organized by HackerEarth in Ruby.
HackerCouch #jekyll
November 2015 My hack during hackbeach 2015. Created something best described as “couchsurfing for hackers”. Simple Jekyll/Ruby website hosted on GitHub Pages.
Constitution of India
April 2015 A git-based constitution of India, that lets you view each amendment as a plain-text diff. Updated till 100th Amendment as of Jan 2020.
2014- A webhook middleware for the ifttt.com service. Still used by some people.
WoNA Archives
2011- A download page for all issues of Watch Out News Agency. (source) (A college magazine at my Alma-mater).


I maintain a few packages on the ArchLinux User Repository.

Package Upstream
signal-desktop-beta-bin WhisperSystems/Signal-Desktop
koreader-appimage koreader.rocks
karn prydonius/karn
shubhcron razorpay.com/shubhcron
elibsrv elibsrv.sourceforge.net

Older Projects

You might wanna take a look at my github, NPM, PyPI, Packagist, Rubygems, or AUR profile pages. Most of the following projects are no longer under active development. Ther’s also a lot of work missing here that I did while at SDSLabs. Some of these projects are mirrored on my Gitea server.

Very Old Projects