Abhay Rana aka Nemo


I have a DNSCrypt server running out of a Digital Ocean droplet in BLR1 region. If you are within India, this might be a nice DNS server to use. Runs with DNSCrypt support, and uses OpenDNS resolvers as the upstream.

This is currently considered to be in beta, which means I’ll try my very best to keep it running at all times. The server does not log anything for DNS queries. This is running on a small DO server, so I’d recommend using this only for personal machines (and not enterprise setups).

Connection details are:

ResolverName captnemo-in

Alternatively, if you don’t have the resolver in your DNSCrypt version (it was added around Jan-2018), then you can use:

ProviderName    2.dnscrypt-cert.captnemo.in
ProviderKey     053A:DFF2:C5A3:2916:D81A:D88A:6779:2C30:2BAA:D5D2:8032:95E8:5A9B:D22F:8687:1E10

You can monitor the uptime of the same at status.captnemo.in. The above IP is a floating IP (which means it won’t change even after server restarts).

The server is running dnscrypt-wrapper v0.3.


By using this service you take full responsibility. If this puts your computer on fire, I’m not responsible!


Now added to the official DNSCrypt resolver list. (Only one running in India). [csv], [announcement]
Server stability changed to beta.
Fixed Floating IP issues. Now UDP (default) works with Floating IPs
Launched to the public in alpha.
Initial setup. Running for personal use only.

For any other queries, please see my contact page.