Abhay Rana aka Nemo

RSS Projects

List of RSS (Rich Site Summary) related projects that I’ve worked on:

Core OS Container Linux Releases RSS Feed
Made a RSS Feed for Core OS releases. Now made useless by CoreOS going EoL.
Amazon Price Tracker RSS Feed
This isn’t 100% functional, but the idea is to get a new RSS notification every time the price goes down.
SEC Filings RSS Feed
The SEC website has filings for all public companies. This converts it into a RSS-feed, so you can get notified as soon as a company files something. Useful for investors, I’m told.
Apple AppStore Apps Bridge
Ever wanted to get notified when an application has a new release on the App Store? Now you can! And pipe it to Slack if you’d like. Use it to track competitors and the like.
BookMyShow Bridge for RSS
Want to get a notification when a new movie starts screening? Or when a new play shows up in your town? BookMyShow RSS feeds. Needs a few more changes before I can merge this upstream.
Goodreads Bridge for RSS
Goodreads has some RSS Feeds, but was missing one for authors. This lets you get notified as soon as your favorite author publishes a new book. Not yet merged upstream

All of the above are usable at my rss-bridge server.

OPML Generator
Generates a OPML feed fom a few sources:
  • GitHub releases RSS feeds for all your starred repos.
  • SEC Stock Filing RSS feeds for multiple stock tickers.

The idea was to support a way for users to generate OPML feeds to easily migrate off other platforms. I also help maintain the Docker image for rss-bridge. I don’t guarantee any uptime for my RSS Bridge server, and there are a few other public hosts with more bridges enabled at https://github.com/RSS-Bridge/rss-bridge/wiki/Public-hosts