Abhay Rana aka Nemo

RSS Projects

List of RSS (Rich Site Summary) related projects that I’ve worked on. Links go to my RSS-Bridge wherever possible. Source Code links to the initial PR.

Amazon Price Tracker RSS Feed [source]
Get a new RSS notification every time the price changes.
SEC Filings RSS Feed [source]
The SEC website has filings for all public companies. This converts it into a RSS-feed, so you can get notified as soon as a company files something. Useful for investors.
Apple AppStore Apps Bridge [source]
Ever wanted to get notified when an application has a new release on the App Store? Now you can! And pipe it to Slack if you’d like. Use it to track competitors and the like.
BookMyShow Bridge for RSS [source]
Want to get a notification when a new movie starts screening? Or when a new play shows up in your town?
Goodreads Bridge for RSS [source]
Goodreads has some RSS Feeds, but was missing one for authors. This lets you get notified as soon as your favorite author publishes a new book.
NPCI RSS feeds
RSS Feeds for NPCI Circulars, generated using GitHub Actions and weneedfeed.
NPCI Bridge for RSS Bridge [source]
NPCI Circulars bridge. Same as above, but using RSS Bridge.
Core OS Container Linux Releases RSS Feed 💀
Made a RSS Feed for Core OS releases. Now made useless by CoreOS going EoL.

Some of the above are usable at my rss-bridge server.

OPML Generator
Generates a OPML feed fom a few sources:
  • GitHub releases RSS feeds for all your starred repos.
  • SEC Stock Filing RSS feeds for multiple stock tickers. (Uses the above SEC Filings Bridge).

The idea was to support a way for users to generate OPML feeds to easily migrate off other platforms. I also help maintain the Docker image for rss-bridge. I don’t guarantee any uptime for my RSS Bridge server, and there are a few other public hosts with more bridges enabled at https://github.com/RSS-Bridge/rss-bridge/wiki/Public-hosts

A list of all my projects is at /projects.