Welcome Aboard The Nautilus

This is my first real post on my brand new blog at wordpress, and quite seriously, I’m thrilled to get a new start. I hope this project would flourish unlike many of the other things I took up (Kasiasi, Papercut,…). I have not yet completely given up on Papercut, and I really liked the Google Sites interface, but posting online, and editing it takes time. So this is my first attempt at publishing offline edited work, using Windows Live Writer. I’ll try to use other options as well, and let you know which I like best.

Now for some blogging stuff. What’s happening aboard the Nautilus? What is the Nautilus, and who is Capt. Nemo ? Let me answer these these three questions in my introductory post first. It all began in Kota, when I was a JEE student vying to enter the holiest institutes of the country, the IIT. And what I was doing there was, well studying and playing Age Of Empires, with my two best friends, Sankalp (aka General Hendrix) and Shundi (aka DR. Lecter). And our trio was one of the most feared AoE clans in Kota. We were playing together in perfect team play, and knew every counter there was to know, and every fact in the guidebook.

There was just a little flaw, I didn’t have a name. I used to play under various names, like Godfather, Eragon, and of course Harry Potter, but none of these stuck, and I was still nameless. I was like Maerad in the The Gift, looking for her true name. That night I went sleepless, and searched my inner soul for my True name. Both of my teammates already had titles (one doctor, and other a general), so I decided I would get one as well. And after storming by brain for all the books I’ve read, and all those movies, I settled for Capt. Nemo. Where did I get the name from? It was from a book called “20,000 Leagues under the sea”, by the immortal master of Sc-Fi, Jules Verne. The character of Capt. Nemo was one of most mysterious you could ever see. And one of the most brilliant. And I got it when I’d read it for the umpteenth time, Capt. Nemo wasn’t an enigma. Just because he didn’t fit into the definition of a hero doesn’t make him a villain. I could go on and on about the character, but that would take up space, which I’m determined to use to answer the other 2 questions.

So what is the Nautilus. I call pretty much everything I own, the Nautilus. Why? Because that was Capt. Nemo’s masterpiece. His submarine, and the very first, at least on paper.And my room and my laptop are labelled as Nautilus . And this blog is the path that I follow “Aboard The Nautilus”. That brings me to the third question, what I’ve been doing lately?

Lately I’ve been playing around with PHP a lot, and mind you it is really cool. I might post some of my experiences with PHP later on. And the reason I’ve been playing with PHP is because I’ve been working on my own website(its not exactly mine, its under Web Designing Section, IITR, but I’ve written 95% of its code). I’ll be launching soon, under a limited beta, so keep watching. I’ve also been working on the second issue of Criitique, an e-magazine for the youth. With kick-ass articles you are sure to like it. Do check it at www.criitique.com. Playing Age Of Empires is now a daily affair for me now, and I’ve been working my way up and down my timings. For those interested, my timings currently are “13,20,35 with 27,28-29 pop. I’ve been tweeting a lot, and I still don’t know why the twitter fad isn’t catching up in India. Twitter is fast, and easy, so why don’t people use it? Any ideas? Let me know.

I’ve also got to study, with my end sems coming up, and this seems to be the time to do it. Got any more brainstorming ideas to work on? Wanna work with me? Join the fun Aboard The Nautilus

As an update, Windows Live Writer refused to connect to my blog and I finnaly used BlogDesk to publish my post. And I also tried Qumana, and wBlogger, and FYI, none of them work.

Published on November 19, 2009