What's Sailing

Aboard The Nautilus, that is

I finally decided to write a blog post for my non geek friends with affiliations ranging from DPs to BPs and the oblivious to all, but the elite few, GPs (Keep thinking, non_IITians). In midst of all the chapos, and ghissai(not me, of course), Nautilus has been, and will remain a lonely submarine beneath the ocean. And this has been the way for me in the past month. After a hefty piece of time where we were attacked by the mighty INS Cognizance (actually it was a retariation attack, because you see, Nautilus had won an event of theirs, a treasure hunt, and the mighty Cognizance, and the event organizers deemed the methods of my winning to be dishonest. (I had my reasons). But after that a hefty war at the seas resumed. I, had the luxury to dip underneath and avoid everything, once in a while. But rumours surrounded me, and I started to hear all sorts of things about me. And that is when the drama settled once and for all.(It ended with a 5k fine, if you need to know).

INS Cognizance is on its way for the end of its journey(Join it @ www.cognizance.org.in and 26-30 Mar, IITR). However I shall be busy participating somewhere else, Chaos ‘10, India’s largest gaming extravaganza. I have assured INS Cognizance that Nautilus shall no longer be troubling them, but who knows with such waters, a collision may be unavoidable in the near future. And when that happens, I’m taking my warheads with me, just in case.

In other news, I have been working on a couple of my own ideas, such as SMAC-I (Search Music Across Channel I), a Video Portal for Cinematography Section, IITRAANA.org, Counter Strike servers, the Intra Bhawan Gaming Tourney (which we won easily enough in AoE, NFS, as well as CS). Congrats to my clan mates. The net connectivity has been terrible here, and I’ve been derailed a few times along my route to Gmail.  Among other news, Oh, and I won the second prize in srishti’s dynamic website design, for LION- my twitter clone. I may or may not launch it, because you see, its just another clone. I also put up a new design for Criitique.in. Please check it out, and comment. I also posted a lot of pics and designs in Kriti , the DeviantArt clone for IITR. Check them as well.

For those outside IITR, the link for my web presence is http://nemo.criitique.in.

Here are some final few words in parting to all my frnds @ IITR

@[Ex!$TeN$n3] - gl hf, gg :)
@LxG - 14,11
@alpha_Q - Better Luck Next Time
@17ninJa - Practice For Chaos
@bOb - fnatic lost to na’vi 2-0 (16-14, 16-13 in train, infy !)
@roomie - [insert silence here]
@xerxes,forsaken - nice team
@DArK_LOrD - i expected better
@Dead_Man - Welcome to LxG
@ll those I frGT - [Proxy laga dena plz]

And special thanks to DR. Lecter, General Hendrix for making the legend of Capt. Nemo a reality. If you ever need assistance in a cross atlantic trip, let me know. I may ship you till atlantis, after which you are responsible for yourself and your belongings :)

Published on March 23, 2010