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Random Stray Thoughts

[Editor’s note: I found this scrawled across a a4 sheet in a classroom. The author drifts off way too much from his thinking to make any sense, but there were some things that I really liked. So I present them to you, unedited, random, and unexplainable thoughts of a genius. My comments are in brackets]

Sometimes you are just destined to be where you are. You may try to veer off course, try to change it. But the end remains the same.


The forces of Destiny seem too powerful to be stopped by you. So you keep on flowing. Further & further away.

And time moves on And its Now already.

Looking back at the choices you made, the crossroads you stood. The coincidences, accidents pile up and as you remember them you think - would you have chosen otherwise?

But regardless of your answer you’d still be here, Now.

And its only left to deal with the Now.

[Note: Now the author takes a swipe at history. lol]

Ever since mankind learned to reason, the challenge had always been to tackle the Now. For tomorrow was forever being planned, partly in our own dreams, and partly in the garden of Destiny

As of the Past, it was just a multitude of feelings, a vault to choose from - Happy, sad, heartbreaking, exciting memories, remembrances, last words. The Past always walks besides us - sometimes haunting, crippling us down, and at times uplifting, encouraging, & maybe even expecting.

And so the challenge remains the the Now. What do you do with it? Go ahead and battle it head on - as you’ve been asked to, regardless of the consequences?

For herein lies the path to greatness, the say - Keep Fighting. But is it the only path?

[Note: Here on the author seems to get drifted far too much in his own thoughts, and does not care to explain very much. As a result much of the following is pretty self contradictory, and maybe even rubbish]

What if there is another road. A road much less taken as Frost said. A road you know nothing about.

What if the present is not a choice? What if it is just a sequence of events to be played out from someone’s memories, where you just play your part, and in-spite of what road you choose, you end up where you must.

So you fight. And think. And fight with the Present [As if the present is a monster, you fool], believing that the Future can be changed, it can be manipulated, morphed into someone’s likeness.

Your head starts to pound with the effort. You decide to stop thinking. [Ahh. Finally, I was wondering how long I would have to keep up]

Its clearing your head. Then you look around you. [Reality, anyone?] The Present closes in [Not again!!] You realize its not there to be defeated, or to win either. It just is. Just as you are. And you close your eyes again.

You start to think.

[I like the ending]

Published on May 25, 2010 in thoughts,old-writings