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Since I’ve already decided to make this my newer blog, why not just continue in the same spirit and write a little of the events of my highly boring, lazy life. For one, I was part of the SDSLabs 1st yearly trip to Robber’s Caves which was highly enthralling. We enjoyed a lot, and as a bonus I learned to play Mafia. Somehow the concept of not-knowing and yet trying to deduce out a solution in Mafia seems quite interesting for a Party game to me. Among other things, my sister got me a new Rubik Cube (which should be my 6th or 7th I guess), and I’ve been practising quite a lot (to the dismay of my friends and teachers), My timings have not been upto the mark as they were last year, but I’ve been improving and I average around 80 seconds per solve. I’ve been focusing on learning the entire Fridrich, and try to learn 2-3 moves per day.

I also spent some time reading a brilliant new fantasy series called “The Kingkiller Chronicles” by Patrick Rothfuss. It is a brilliant new debut series in fantasy fiction, and already has 2 books out from its planned trilogy : The name of the Wind, and The Wise Man’s Fear. The series is highly praised, and you were to believe me, one of the best pieces of Fantasy ever written. But it is not the fantasy about this book that makes it so great. Its the general themes of love, tragedy, enemity, and knowledge that make it brilliant. Kvothe, the protagonist of the series is a charming character who is telling the story of his life to the Chronicler. Enough on the book, just go ahead and read it!

Oh, and I’ve got a RSS feed for blog using Jekyll already. Its available [here] (/atom.xml)

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