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Announcing Planet IITR

Planet IIT-R is a blog collection similar to the Planet Ubuntu, Wordpress, and the likes. The basic idea is to create a single address where all blogs of IIT-R are aggregated. This way, people can easily follow happenings and blogs at IIT-Roorkee without individually following various blogs. I’ve added a few blogs to it already, including those of Divye Kapoor, Sanath Rath, Wona, Arasu and the likes.

A complete list of blogs in the planet is available at http://www.planetaki.com/iitr/subscriptions/

Update: There is also a feature in planetaki to suggest a website for the planet. Unfortunately, you need to be logged in to planetaki (ie create a planet) to suggest a site. In case you are, you can use the suggestions feature to suggest websites.

To suggest a blog to add to the list, please use the form below. You can also see the current spreadsheet here :

You can also email me for any further queries.
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Published on July 09, 2011 in iitr,planetiitr