Choose Between Facebook Groups and Pages

I don’t know how many times I’ve said this, but the best way of creating a multi-user discussion platform is to create a facebook page. A little guidelines on what you should use:

  1. Create a group when you really need it (for <100 people) and when you want to have close knit discussions. (People get notifications for each post on the group) -> Leads to spamming

  2. Never create a fake profile for an organization/event/celebrity/anything that is not you. Creating fake profiles is actually against Facebook’s TOS, and can lead to account discontinuation. Plus the barrier of friending a person (instead of “liking it) is higher enough to lead to lesser number of followers.

  3. Create a Facebook Page for every other case. If you are a brand/news/startup/organization (public facing). This is usually the best choice, and it gives you the best outreach of all. (Especially if you want to reach out to People).

In short, just create a Page, unless you know what you are doing.