New Design of

I did a redesign of the blog. The main goals for the redesign were to reach a clean, readable layout, which I feel I’ve accomplished.

Old Design

Everything was plain old bootstrap, except for the hover effect on the photograph. I’ve also removed the old “Related Posts” feature, which I felt was not at all useful. In the old homepage, the list of articles was earlier presented as a list (<li>), while it is now slightly better. The topbar has also been removed, instead focussing on a far better sidebar.

New Stuff

I wanted a clean design more than anything. So instead of the sharebox being persistent on every device, I decided to hide it on lower resolutions. It currently hides if the screen width < 1100px, so unless you are on a widescreen resolution monitor and using your browser on fullscreen, you won’t see it.

Responsive design via bootstrap allows you to easily support mobile devices. The left sidebar is stacked, so that even mobile devices have no problem with the layout.

I’d describe the design as clean, minimal.


The earlier design was using Bootstrap 1.3, and I’ve upgraded to 2.0.2 now. I’ve used the new version before, but with zero changes using bootswatch in a few other places. But this time, I decided to tweak bootstrap for my needs.

I did away with the navigation bar, and changed the default fonts. The site does not feel like a stock bootstrap site any longer. The major contribution from bootstrap, was in fact the grid system, and the responsiveness, which really helped me get it done quickly.


The fonts used are Ubuntu for the content, and Gentium Book Basic for the headings. I’m using Google Web Fonts Directory for the fonts.

I’m only loading the italicized version of Gentium as I’ve chosen to display all headings (h1-h6) as italics.

Published on March 31, 2012