BackdoorCTF and Quizzes

I recently hosted a Geek Quiz at my college along with Giri. The quiz was mostly geek with some sports and pop-cult trivia. Here are the slides for the quiz (both prelims and finals):

Geek Quiz Prelims

Geek Quiz Finals

Some audio/video files for the finals are up here.

BackdoorCTF 2014

Last year, I was the coordinator for Backdoor CTF 2013, a jeopardy-style CTF contest hosted by SDSLabs under the aegis of Cognizance. This year, I contributed 3 problems to the CTF. The problems were as follows:

  1. web200 - Timing Attack (Source)
  2. web250 - YAML Code Execution (Source)
  3. web100 - _ Template Code Execution (Source)

You can find writeups/solutions to the problems all over the internet and on ctftime. Hosting a CTF is always a humbling experience and it was great to see teams from all over the world participating in backdoor. We hope to return next year with even better challenges.

Cogni Geek Quiz

After that I teamed up with Giri again (along with Sukun) for the Cogni Geek Quiz, hosted by the winner of my quiz, Vikram Rathore. While we won the quiz by a large margin (30 points), I managed to get my own tribute question wrong unfortunately.

However, it was a great experience involving some really nice questions. Update: The slides are up at mega.

Colors & Typefaces

Published on March 25, 2014