Abhay Rana aka Nemo

Deloitte CCTC Wave III

I was winner of the Deloitte CCTC Wave I, and a finalist for the Wave II. It was natural I was participating this year as well. While the first year involved a simple penetration test as the first round, and it was an abstract submission in Wave II; this time it was a closed jeopardy-style CTF contest between different teams from various colleges.

There were altogether more than 30 teams participating in the CTF. I was lucky to have teammates like Abhishek Das(CCTC Wave II Winner) and Ravi Kishore who endured through several challenges when I gave up.

We’ve published all challenges over on GitHub along with writeups and problems being made available wherever we can.

The challenges ranged from very easy to difficult to absurd trivia. We topped the round with the most number of points across the board, making sure we got the +30 bonus for solving first on all but 2 challenges out of 13.

We’ll be leaving for Hyderabad for the finals in the first week of April. Wish us luck, will you.

Update: We won the final event at Hyderabad as well. More details (and a pic) on our blog post on SDSLabs here.

Published on June 03, 2014 in ctfs,cctc