scytheCTF and Updates

February has been an interesting month for me. I haven’t been programming a lot, but have definitely been writing a lot. I have got a few more upcoming projects as well, which I’d love to announce soon.

We recently held a short 8-hour CTF (scytheCTF) on Backdoor. I made two challenges for the CTF:

Both of these problems were rush jobs because of several reasons:

  1. We didn’t have much time to set the problems.
  2. We didn’t expect much participation in scytheCTF.
  3. scytheCTF was a test CTF, just to figure out any issues with the internet launch of Backdoor.
  4. scythe is also supposed to be beginner friendly, unlike our annual BackdoorCTF, which will include much harder problems.

I had a lot of fun with @kandoiabhi in setting the problems. It was also great seeing @DefConUA participate in such a small-scale contest.

Other than scythe, we recently had our annual SDSLabs trip to Rishikesh, which I enjoyed a lot. I also wrote a small post on my work setup.

Published on February 27, 2015