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Google owned TLDs don't have A records any more

A little while ago (Jan 2018), I ran a scan to see which all TLDs have an A record set (on the TLD). This is what lets you visit http://ai/ as a valid website on your browser, for eg.

I ran the same scan as http://blog.towo.eu/a-records-on-top-level-domains/ (link is down, archived) and the results are at https://captnemo.in/blog/2018/02/09/tld-a-records/.

Decided to re-run the scan today, and noticed a stark difference: A lot of Google-owned TLD’s which were earlier pointing to don’t have a A record anymore.

Scan run from AS45609.


ai [http], [https]
arab Private IP
cm [http], [https]
dk [http], [https]
etisalat Private IP
gg [http], [https]
je [http], [https]
pa [http], [https]
pn [http], [https]
politie Private IP
tk [http], [https]
uz [http], [https]
ws [http], [https]
мон [http], [https]
мон [http], [https]
мон [http], [https]
اتصالات Private IP
政府 Private IP
عرب Private IP
招聘 Private IP

Comparing with the previous scan, these TLDs no longer have an A record with them:


The majority of these are owned by Google. Not claiming it means anything, just a nice observation.

Update: An automatically updated version of this is available at https://captnemo.in/tld-a-record/

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