wedding invite

11th February 2023

Venue: Infinity Resorts Corbett, Ramnagar

Schedule of Ceremonies

10th Feb / Friday (Kashipur)

  • Sangeet/Mehendi (3-6pm), Ashish Vatika, Kashipur
  • Cocktail Party (8pm onwards) Ashish Vatika, Kashipur

11th Feb / Saturday (Ramnagar)

  • Haldi (10AM)
  • Wedding Lunch (2PM)
  • Wedding Ceremonies

12th Feb / Sunday (Kashipur)


  • The closest 2 airports are Bareilly and Pantnagar. Bareilly has flights to BLR and DEL, and Pantnagar only has flights to DEL.
  • Unfortunately, Indigo has reduced the BLR-BEK (Bareilly) flight to thrice a week (TUE/THU/SAT) on (7th/9th/11th/14th).
  • Bareilly to Kashipur is 3 hours by Cab, and Pantnagar to Ramnagar is 2 hours.

When to reach

  • If you’re attending the Pre-wedding ceremonies, try to reach Kashipur by 9th evening, or the 10th early morning. (Suggested: 6E 6533 BLR-BEK direct flight on the 9th, followed by a cab to Kashipur).
  • If you’re only attending the wedding, try to reach Ramnagar by the 10th evening before sunset. The Bride and Groom arrive the next day, so feel free to take a detour to Jim Corbett in the evening. Don’t scare the tigers. (Suggested: 6E 7324 from DEL -> Pantnagar on 10th, followed by a cab to Ramnagar)

Other Travel Options

  • Shatabdi Express travels 6:20-12:00pm daily from NDLS to Kathgodam (+1 hour to Ramnagar)
  • Uttarakhand Sampark Kranti Express (15035) gets you to Kashipur at 8pm.
  • Delhi to Kashipur is 5 hours by road.
  • Delhi to Ramnagar is 6 hours by road.

How to Return

  • Suggested: Have breakfast (on 12/13th), and leave by 9AM to catch the 2:30PM flight to BLR (via BOM). 2:30pm-8:40pm BEK-BLR (with a 2 hour stop in BOM)
  • If you’re staying for the reception, travel is arranged back to Kashipur. Post the reception (12th evening), you can take a cab from KSP-DEL or KSP-BEK, and fly from there on the 13th noon.


Please drop me a message on Signal, with your travel details. If you’d like to make this into a trip, February is a great time to visit Jim Corbett, and Uttarakhand in general. Ramnagar to Nainital is barely 2 hours, and you can get to most of Kumaon within 4-6 hours from Ramnagar. Take a look at the KMVN website for destination suggestions.

What to wear

(Coming Soon)


Winters are chilly in Uttarakhand - expect 8-10°C at night, and pack accordingly.